The first wedding I photographed in 2015 was that of Clementine & Crispin at the One Mayfair in London. And boy have they set the 2015 bar high! We arrived at Pimps and Pinups in London nice and early on the 28th February (before the girls even arrived -as they were running stylishly late) We joined the girls for the morning photographing them having their hair styled at the most amazing hairdressers!


I had met Clementine a few weeks before the wedding, and I already knew it was going to be awesome, she’s an events organiser so what do you expect! Anyway, sit back with a giant tub of popcorn as there are so many photos to look through (and this isn’t even half of them!)


3 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-20 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-7 london-wedding-photography-one-mayfair onemayfair copy kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-38 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-56 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-80 onemayfair2 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-65 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-60 london-wedding-photography onemayfair4 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-90 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-92 onemayfair5 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-102


Once everyone’s hair was looking amazing it was time to grab some lipsticks from MAC – “Here come the girls”…


kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-106 macmakeup kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-116 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-143 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-137 onemayfair6


How amazing are Clementine’s shoes? They did occasionally get caught in the bottom lace of her dress, but it was so worth it!


kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-146 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-164 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-155 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-188 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-198 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-213 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-199 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-220 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-223 onemayfair8


Meanwhile at One Mayfair Crispin was greeting all of the guests…


kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-258 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-254 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-261 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-266 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-268 kentweddingphotographer_clem&crispin-276


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