I think it was late last year/early this year when I received the email from Nadia asking if I was free to photograph her wedding in Italy in July. I skimmed through my diary and somehow I was free (we had originally planned a family holiday over that weekend but had changed our mind-awesome news as I rarely get to photograph destination weddings as I’m usually booked) I did some research and noticed it was a new venue, having only had one wedding previously so we we’re even more excited to see what it looked like as we hadn’t seen many pictures. Italy wedding photography by Lemonade Pictures

My partner Marcus and I travelled to Il Faro in Italy, it was beautiful, hot (probably the hottest I have ever been) but very beautiful! Marcus started his morning with Darren and the boys, meanwhile I was with Nadia and all the girls.

nadiadarren-0008 nadiadarren-0011nadiadarren-0031nadiadarren-0092nadiadarren-0027 nadiadarren-0121 nadiadarren-0036 nadiadarren-0192 nadiadarren-0199nadiadarren-0058nadiadarren-0152 nadiadarren-0204 nadiadarren-0208 nadiadarren-0213 nadiadarren-0231 nadiadarren-0240nadiadarren-0140 nadiadarren-0243 nadiadarren-0306 This was the view from the front of the ceremony. WOW.nadiadarren-0364 nadiadarren-0360nadiadarren-0388 nadiadarren-0385 nadiadarren-0410 nadiadarren-0422 nadiadarren-0438 nadiadarren-0461nadiadarren-0516nadiadarren-0535 nadiadarren-0545nadiadarren-0558 nadiadarren-0566 nadiadarren-0590 Hopefully you can’t tell how hot it was in the photos!nadiadarren-0593 nadiadarren-0620nadiadarren-0638 nadiadarren-0639 nadiadarren-0741nadiadarren-0747 nadiadarren-0779 nadiadarren-0785nadiadarren-0771 nadiadarren-0791 nadiadarren-0763 nadiadarren-0870 nadiadarren-0872nadiadarren-0879 nadiadarren-0882 nadiadarren-0888 nadiadarren-0901 nadiadarren-0934 nadiadarren-1012 nadiadarren-1028nadiadarren-1035 nadiadarren-1044 nadiadarren-1106 nadiadarren-1221nadiadarren-1140 nadiadarren-1181nadiadarren-1143 nadiadarren-1164nadiadarren-1190nadiadarren-1180nadiadarren-1195nadiadarren-12302016-09-21_0002nadiadarren-1197 nadiadarren-1229 nadiadarren-1233 nadiadarren-1236nadiadarren-1137

Thank you for having us, hopefully we will be back to Il Faro in the future!

Italy wedding photography Lemonade Pictures.