The Lemonade style is natural, FUN, quirky, documentary, with a little bit of fine-art thrown in, the results are timeless and you will love looking back over your photos for years to come. Although I mainly focus on natural, documentary photos throughout the day, I do also take a few group shots (to make the parents/grandparents happy) but I keep these to a maximum of 10, which means there’s more time for you to enjoy your day, and more time for me to take photos of you all enjoying yourselves! Quirky Na

tural Wedding Photographer 

quirky, natural wedding photographer


All of my packages include the same coverage. This means I start my day a few hours before the ceremony with you to capture you getting ready (sometimes this is the chilled section of the day, other times this is the craziest few hours – as girls franticly paint their faces and throw their clothes on because they’ve spent far too much time drinking bucks fizz). If you opt for a second shooter they will begin their day with the groom. If you start your day close together (for example, the same hotel) I’m more than happy to split my time between you both.


I will be there to photograph your bridesmaids/parents reactions as you glide into the room looking AMAZING. I will be there to photograph your pre ceremony nerves/excitement. I will also be there if you need a hand doing up your dress and pinning on corsages – as I seem to have a lot of experience in that!


I photograph the ceremony, the groups (Ill send you a form to fill in prior to the wedding, so I have the group list to hand) , the photos of everyone enjoying themselves, the photo of your crazy aunty Wendy getting her heels stuck in the grass, the portraits, the speeches, the tears, the laughter, the first dance, and even some of the dancing. I won’t leave until I feel as though I have enough photos to tell the story of your day.  On average I stay around 10 hours- but I am not a time watcher.


On the day I try and blend in as much as possible, so I won’t hide myself away in a corner with a super zoom lens (and look a bit like a creepy stalker), instead I will be involved in all the action photographing the fun from the perspective of a guest, I’m not there to tell you to reenact a moment, I’m there to capture the moments as they happen. If grandma accidently knocks over the cake, I will be the first to leap in and take a photo (and then help her out). The biggest compliments I get are when couples tell me they hardly noticed me all day, and that I blended so well with the guests.


A lot of couples ask me how I go about photographing the couple portraits (as my photography style attracts couples that dislike having their photos taken). Typically I spend between 5-30minutes photographing you two together, and I promise for those of you that hate having your photo taken, it’s really not as bad as it seems. Usually I will do 10 minutes during the day, and if the sun sets I will whizz you out for another 5 minutes in the evening. I won’t tell you to smile at me. I won’t tell you to “hold a kiss” and make you feel awkward. I will put you in a cool position that suits you as a couple and then talk to you, make you laugh and play a few quick silly games to help everyone relax and actually enjoy themselves. Check out these couples below, you won’t believe me when I say most of these couples hate having their photo taken (but its true!)…


quirky wedding photographer