Anita & Umesh (Part Three)

. Anita and Umesh were married at the Eight Members Club in central London, if you haven’t already had chance to see . Rule number one, don’t write your speech on your phone – at least one of your friends will attempt to sabotage your speech by calling your phone repeatedly. . . Kent wedding… Read more »

Anita & Umesh (Part Two)

. Anita and Umesh had an amazing wedding in central London, if you haven’t already seen part one click . Anita’s favourite food is McDonalds, so as a surprise on the way from their ceremony to their reception venue they stopped and had a drive-through. Amazing huh? . . When we arrived at the venue… Read more »

Anita & Umesh (Part One)

. Anita and Umesh had a fun filled wedding day, so much colour, laughter, and not to forget a LOT of food! This was my first Indian wedding experience, and all I have to say is, I want an Indian wedding! I started my day rather relaxed with Anita on the outskirts of London, I… Read more »