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Marcus and I got married in 2017, and with everyone saying to me "I bet your wedding is going to be amazing as you've been to so many!" ( I had been shooting weddings for 5 years at the time) I knew I had to get married somewhere I hadn't photographed a wedding before! Part of the decision

Gerard or otherwise known as Gez Gez was born in April 2021, nearing the end of covid lockdowns. He actually arrived on his due date!  The name Gerard had no meaning to us, it was added to our baby name list because we both like Gerard Butler- not because of the footballer!! We gave Hugo a list of

Hugo, Hugo, Hugo, where do I even begin. Hugo arrived dramatically in May 2018, he came out wide awake and he has stayed wide awake pretty much the entire time since. He. does. not. stay. quiet. ever. He is so cheeky and the class clown. He's a compulsive liar and makes up the most hilarious lies (not so ideal

Bauer was our first baby. We decided we wanted a Hovawart in 2013 and we finally got Bauer in 2014, we got him from a lovely family in Ireland who only had 1 littler and went to meet the parents and choose a pup when they were a few weeks old. We chose the chunkiest chilled pup,